Research Orientation Workshop for the first National Curriculum Research Conference.

Research Orientation Workshop for the first National Curriculum Research Conference.

In 2016, with assistance from BEST, DepEd developed and issued DO 39, s. 2016 or the Adoption of the Basic Education Research Agenda which provided guidance in the ‘conduct of education research and in the utilization of research results to inform the Department’s planning, policy, and program development aligned with its vision, mission, and core values.’

Two years later, DepEd Bureau of Curriculum Development Director Joyce Andaya believes much remains to be done to fully reap the benefits of research in improving the K to 12 curriculum.

A total of 230 research coordinators from all DepEd regions and divisions were in Quezon City on 13-14 June 2018 for a BEST-supported, two-day Research Orientation Workshop to provide comments and agree on the guidelines and timelines for the first National Curriculum Research Conference in August 2018.  BEST helped put together these guidelines which DepEd issued on June 4 as Memorandum No. 97, s. 2018.

“With the upcoming research conference—the first of its kind—we are going to harness curriculum-related researches as input to our curriculum policy,” said Dir. Andaya. “We want evidence-based research. We want to do something, we want to make decisions that are not based on conjunctures, that are not based on Wikipedia,” stressed Dir. Andaya. “We want that the policies we put are research-based–there’s evidence to support the claim that indeed this particular pedagogy will work for this particular age group.”

While schools, divisions, and regions have been doing research colloquium and conferences, Dir. Andaya said this conference will harness the research results that are related to curriculum. She said the conference will not overlap with what the DepEd Planning Service is doing as regards the Basic Education Research Agenda because it will, in fact, support in ensuring that “we inculcate the culture of research in DepEd.

Dr. Merle Tan, BEST Curriculum and Assessment Subcomponent Manager, welcomed the participants. She led the team from BEST that assisted DepEd in drafting the guidelines and in organizing the orientation workshop.

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